Are parenting styles a significant factor in the academic and career development of African American high school students?

  • Jocelyn M. Bennett-Garraway University of Detroit Mercy
Keywords: African American, career decision making, career thought processing, academic achievement


This study used bivariate and hierarchical regression analyses to examine parentingfactors, related to academic achievement, and career decision-making amongAfrican American high school students. Seven factors including gender, family configuration, parent/caregivereducational level, parent demandingness, parent responsiveness, reading achievement,and math achievement were examined to determine their relationship to academicachievement and career decision-making. Although literature supports the impactof parenting in child development, this study did not confirm parenting to besignificant in academic achievement and career decision processing, suggestingthere may be additional factors, which are more significant.

Author Biography

Jocelyn M. Bennett-Garraway, University of Detroit Mercy
Assistant Professor & Director, School Counseling Department of Counseling and Addiction Studies