Traumatic Stress and Educational Hegemony: A Multi-Level Model to Promote Wellness and Achievement among Socially Marginalized Students

  • Rachael D Goodman George Mason University
  • Kimberly N Frazier TAMUCC
Keywords: Traumatic stress, academic achievement, hegemony


Despite efforts by counselors, psychologists, and educators to improve the educational attainment and experiences of socially marginalized students, there continues to be significant disparity for culturally diverse and lower income students. Integrating the frameworks of traumatic stress and educational hegemony, the authors explore barriers to optimal academic and psychological functioning for culturally diverse students. The authors present a model and provide a case example that illustrates sources of traumatic stress in a school setting and symptoms of traumatic stress among school-aged children. The authors provide recommendations for counseling and advocacy practices that can reduce educational hegemony and promote wellness and high achievement among socially marginalized students.

Author Biographies

Rachael D Goodman, George Mason University
Assistant Professor, Counseling and Development Program
Kimberly N Frazier, TAMUCC
Assistant Professor TAMUCC Counseling & Educational Psychology