Later Career Remedial Supervision – The Practice Event Audit


  • Jon Amundson Independent practice/University of Calgary


Practice Event Audit, Supervision, Remedial, Mid-Career Practice.


Later Career Remedial Supervision – The Practice Event Audit





Clinical supervision has for the most part focused upon early career preparation and training. Fundamental to this process is emphasis upon emerging competency. However supervision can also be required in later career concerns for enduring competency. Where lapses in professional practice are of a subtle or non-egregious nature, supervision may arise as a remedial route. Through hearing or tribunal mandate or negotiation, arising from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a course of remedial supervision may be required. In this article a general discussion is provided regarding mandated or negotiated remedial supervision with a specific description of a means for such – the Practice Event Audit. Issues related to ethics / competency, the structure of remedial supervision and the process related to the Professional Event Audit are discussed as well as a case example provided.   

Practice Event Audit; Supervision; Remedial; Mid-Career Practice.  



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Jon Amundson, Independent practice/University of Calgary

Full adjunct Professor U of Calgary

Psychologist, independent practice