Career Counseling for Gifted Students: Understanding Student Needs and Strategies for Success


  • Layla J. Kurt University of Dayton


career counseling, gifted, school counseling


Meeting the needs of gifted students’ career selection process can pose some unique characteristics such as gifted asynchronous development, multipotentiality, and gender and cultural differences within the gifted population. To adequately address the career counseling needs of gifted students, counselors need to have an understanding of the characteristics and needs of gifted students that impact their career planning process. This article provides guidance for school counselors to understand the characteristics of gifted students and how to apply career counseling theories, such as the strengths-based approach, Social Cognitive Career Theory, and constructivist theory to this student population.

Keywords: career counseling; gifted; school counseling

Author Biography

Layla J. Kurt, University of Dayton

Assistant Professor and School Counseling Program Coordinator

Department of Counselor Education and Human Services