The Role of Integrated Healthcare Services in Meeting Somatic and Mental Health Needs of LGBTQ Individuals

  • Allen Thomas University of Central Arkansas
  • Alexandros Maragakis Eastern Michigan University
Keywords: lgbtq, integrated care, gender diversity, sexual orientation


The purpose of the present paper is to address significant health issues facing LGBTQ clients and the role of integrated care in minimizing these issues. LGBTQ individuals face significant health disparities compared to cisgender and heterosexual individuals, which are compounded by the reality that these individuals have reduced access to care or may be apprehensive about potentially biased clinicians. Integrated systems may be an arena within which these disparities can be minimized. Modification of these systems to better address the needs of LGBTQ clients may occur varying levels. This paper also provides recommendations for modifying current integrated systems. 

Author Biographies

Allen Thomas, University of Central Arkansas
Dr. Allen Thomas is a Resident Master at the University of Central Arkansas and is also an alumnus of the institution. His position entails being a live-in faculty member who is an educator and who coordinates academic programming. He also works part-time in the university Counseling Center.
Alexandros Maragakis, Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Alexandros Maragakis is an alumnus of the University of Nevada, Reno and currently works at Eastern Michigan University investigating methods to improve integrated care settings, from outcomes regarding serious mental illness to overall quality of care.