Awakening Teachers to their Presence: An Experiential Course in Body Wisdom

  • Sara Ahangar Ahmadi California Polytechnic State University
  • John E. Henning Monmouth University
  • Farzad Goli Iranian Institute of Higher Health
Keywords: Mindfulness, Presence, Body Awareness



This article describes a workshop that was designed and conducted for the benefit of teachers interested in developing their presence experience through body awareness. The workshop activities consisted of the practice of specific physical tasks accompanied by reflections on their impact on the presence experience. An understanding of the workshop dynamics will enable professional educators to: 1) foster presence through body awareness through the use of practical strategies; 2) understand presence as an awareness of the integration of body, thought, and emotions; 3) understand the relationship between increased body awareness and more positive student relationships; and 4) to understand the relationship between increased body awareness and more effective teaching.


Author Biographies

Sara Ahangar Ahmadi, California Polytechnic State University
Dr. Sara Ahangar Ahmadi is Extended Education Specialist at   Cal Poly State University.
John E. Henning, Monmouth University
Dr. John. E. Henning is full pofessor and dean of the School of Education at Monmouth University
Farzad Goli, Iranian Institute of Higher Health
Dr. Farzad Goli is a medical doctor at the Iranain Institute of Higher Health and professor at Energy Medicine University.